July 25, 1891

We have had some beautiful moon shine nights during this week.

Plenty of rain this season, cool breezes, and a little hot sunshine.

Grass and weeds are growing very fast on our streets and sidewalks.

Mrs. J. S. Capen was quite a stranger out riding over the streets Saturday.

Work has begun on the building which is to be erected for the use of Rollins College.

Several strangers were in the city this week taking in the beauties of the town and surroundings.

Mrs. Brouton, who has been quite low and was not expected to live, is up and able to be visiting her friends.

Editor Henderson left this week for Sanford, Deland, Leesburg and other places in the interest of the ADVOCATE.

At the South Florida Railroad depot here last Sunday $920 worth of tickets were sold to colored people going to Orlando.

Mr. A. Faulkner, brother of Mr. E. A. Faulkner, and who have been here for several months, left last Sunday night for Campbell Station, a place on the South Florida Railroad.

The house now under erection on H. F. Davie over in Osceola will be among the grandest buildings in that section when completed. We hope to soon be able to give a full description of it.

Judge J. R. Mizell will leave next week for Pensacola where he will, at the first of the month, be ready to pay off the employees under his control in the customs house. The Judge spent about three weeks with his family on the visit.

Mr. Geo. B. Dorn will open up a restaurant in a few days which will be conducted in a fashionable order. Mr. Dorn is thoroughly acquainted with such business, having spent many years superintending around large hotels, he will, therefore doubtless be able to give his guests perfect satisfaction. The ADVOCATE hopes him much success.

We regret much to see the general and very friendly Dr. Hartmann depart last Sunday night for Cleveland, Tenn., where his new field of labor will be hereafter, or at least for the ensuing term. The doctor had made many friends here who also regretted to see him go. The one thing he may be proud of is, that his friends here are

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