G.C. Henderson, Editor of the Advocate

March 7, 1891

The above represents the editor of the Winter Park Advocate. Mr. Henderson was born  Nov. 16, 1862, in Columbia county, Florida, near Lake City, where he remained until twenty years of age. His mother died when he was but ten years old, leaving him to make his own way in the world, as best he could. He was old enough to appreciate the love and friendship of a mother before her death. The teachings of his mother left their impress upon his mind, and if ever tempted to do wrong, a more powerful influence prevented it. He was obliged to work at very small wage for his support, but he never allowed a night to go by without attention to his books. He studied hard, his mind craved knowledge, he was not content to be a nonentity. For several years he followed farming, but was not content with that vocation. He finally gave it up and was employed with a New York firm as saleman. He met with success wherever he went, and was congratulated for his enterprise by both white and colored people. He was first colored “commercial tourist” in the State. But as the end of five months he received a letter asking for his resignation.  He sent it, and demanded the reason why it was required. The firm explained that it had been communicated that he was a colored man, and many of the white salesmen had threatened the firm. The house did him the justice, however, of stating that he was among the best of their salesmen on the road. This episode was a failure of his plans and was disheartening.  In 1886, Mr. Henderson came to Winter Park, where he soon made many friends. Later on he organized a company for the purpose of doing a general printing business. The company originally contained twelves members. But before operations began all dropped out except Mr. Henderson and two others. He succeeded in procuring a newspaper outfit on credit, as he had no money, and on the 31st of May, 1889, the first issue of the Winter Park Advocate made its appearance. It is the only paper printed in Winter Park, and is popular with people of both colors. He began as its manager but soon assumed the additional positions of collector, reporter and editor, and sometimes occupies one of the compositor’s stands. He likes to promote the interests of his friends and his locality, and is therefore quite popular with leading citizens, and counts among his business patrons business men of both Winter Park and Orlando.

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