The men who run the Town government- Their Re election on Thursday


October 15, 1892

The men who run the Town
Government- Their Re election on Thursday.
Thursday was election day here and, although there was but one tickit up for elective honors the interest displayed in endeavoring to get out to the full town vote, friendly to the ticket, worthy of note. However, there was not so much hard work as has been put in on previous town elections, owing to the fact that there was no indication of an opposition to the regular nominees. The poll was opened at 8 o’clock in the morning and was closed at 5 p.m.
There was a very large vote cast. The votes all being solid, the nominees, consisting of Hon. H. S. Chubb for Mayor, H. Huntington Clerk, S. P. Butler Marshall, S. S. Capen Tax Assesor, and A. McCallum, E. N. Coan and J. S. Capen Aldermen, were unanimously re-elected.
These gentlemen haveserved their town four years, the decision of Thursday’s election was nothing less than an expression of the hearty approval, by the voters, for the faithfulness of these gentlemanly official reigns. Every dollar that has been spent has been spent with a hope of doing winter Park good.
Though there has been some mistakes, no sane man, knowing the spirit of our excellent officials. would for a moment hold that such mistakes were intentional or premeditated.
When looking over the improvements, accomplished by our officials during their reign, we proudly give them credit for having given us good roads and streets in a great many important thoroughfares ; good and indispensable sidewalks, bridges unsurpassed anywhere, lights to guide our footsteps after night and last, but far from being least, two school houses that would be creditable to any city twenty times the size of our little town. With such excellent achievements why can we all not feel proud as they will allow us to do so.
After the election Thursday, the members of the old council, at 7:30, met in their chamber in regular session and attended to all business coming before it. After which, president of council J. S. Capen said:If there is no further business coming before this council, thanking you gentlemen, for the kind assistance you have been to me and for the generous support during the year, just ending, I now declare the council of the year 1891 and ’92, adjourned, sine die.” Mr. Capen’s remarks were cheered by the old council and the face of every member seemed lit up with a bright smile, seemingly thankful for the old year and the advent of the new. Mr. Capen then vacated the chair.
Judge A. McCallum was then called and requested to deliver the oath to office to Mayor elect Chubb which he promptly did. Mr. Chubb after having been sworn, administered the oath to office to the othere of the newly elected.
CLERK HUNTINGTON then asked the council to name its choice for President. Judge A.McCallum named HON. J. S. Capen who had already served for three years, perfectly satisfactory. Mr. Capen named Judge McCallum offered a motion making the election of Mr. Capen by acclamation. Mr. Capen amended the motion by striking out Capen aand inserting McCallum. The question was then put on its amendment but the amendment was lost. The original was then voted and Mr. Capen was declared unanimously elected to succeed himself as president of the council.
After a brief and timely speech from president Capen, for the ceaseless confidence placed in him, Mayor Chubb was introduced and in his usual happy eloquent manner delivered one of the most logical speeches ever before delivered before that honorable body. Among the many things Mayor Chubb said: “We have clayed a few side walks upon recommendation of others and in claying such walks, we had hoped to gain an experience, and also be procted thereby. I am quite sure that not one of you are in favor of putting down any more clay walks just now. You all are aware of the fact that we failed in making a successful selection, for the class of clay we bought did not come up recommendation.”
Mr. Chubb hoped the blessings of prosperity would accompany the people this official year; congratulated the council upon its advancement and ceaseless efforts to give us a good clean set of laws. Mr. Chubb’s speech was successively cheered.
PRESIDENT CAPEN with consent of the council allowed the committees to stand just as they were before the election. Council then adjourned to meet at the call of the Mayor in official session.
Capt. Bethune makes a fair and just inspector. Inspector Maxson’s years of experience as a school professor gave him a clear knowledge of humannature. Dr. Eager voted with as much dignity as he would diagonise a case of cholera. Boss Ladd and his little ring failed to bring their ticket out; snow heretofore has been too deep for their cndidates.
Deacon Griswold’s fatherly and kindly manners when he voted formed an example for all younger men to emulate a splendid citizen, the Deacon.
Alderman McCallum was th best dressed and one of the finest looking men at the polls.
Alderman J. S. Capen, the “little giant,”proved himself a power both as an advocater and manager in any cause he may champion.
Genial Dr. Barrows tendered his ballot with the earnestness and enthusiasm of a first voter. No better citizen lives than Nathan Barrows.
Mayor Chubb walked among his supporters dropping a word of advice, encouraging activity and prophecying victory.
Ofcourse the Editor was on hand voting early and often. A large majority of the white voters in town voted the ticket. E. a. rdgers exclaimed “Tammany made a clean sweep.”

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