February 11, 1893

It Is Still Alive.

Hannibal Square must Come out.


DEAR ADVOCATE:–The petitions posted on the post office building a few days ago have created no little sensation about town. Almost every individual entering the Postoffice must stop and read these passages before returning,

They are the remainder of what was killed in the Surperior Court o this State a few years ago; the only difference is some additional recruits signed the petition, who are only here for a few days and they will be among the mountains of some of the Northern States. It is a petition to the next legislature to change the boundary lines of the town of Winter Park and make them to a few “outsiders” and a half han al of original kickers. Now I would have no ciriticism to make up any of these petitions for their sections were not that their appeal is one of the most corrupted and un-Christianed I have ever heard of.

The majority, or large per cent of the petitioners are men who boast of ordinary intelligence and a few of them are ingaged in philanthropic works- teaching the relationship of man and the neods of a just spirit and fair play toward all. I criticise such men for leading or being led into what they know is an utter violation of rules which have been prevalent and are today recognized in every law abiding town in this country.   If the proposed scheme is acted upon by the next legislature and is passed to suit those interested, Hannibal Square, the most densely populated part of Winter Park and the nearest at the center of the town will be cut in a   regular U style and left without any law to protect the citizens there, or to prevent law breake re from intruding upon the rights of those who desire peace.

It is, in my opinion, a scheme originated by those who desire to run the down government and they feel that their only chance is to take out the massof the colored voters.   How such men as Mes. Wm. C. Commstock, Geo D. Rand, James Roman. MM, Schultz, W. R. Smith and Prots. Austin and Ford could be indeed to sign their names to such an underminding petition, and one showing such bitterness toward the colored population of this town, is a thing puzzling to me and something that I had always regarded them beyond. All of these gentlemen were northerners, but there never was a more bitter spirit in existence against the colored people than what is hid behind this scheme.

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