Its A Scheme

September 16, 1893

A resolution passed by the last meeting of the town council will be found in this issue of The Advocate. It is to be applauded for its generosity,

Just thin what a scheme! “That they”. the colored people,” incorporate :that section taken out of the town of Winter Park by an act of the legislature,” etc. This is a part of the condition upon which the colored people can have the use of a building erected for their educational purpose. Incorporate a section two hundred yards in bredth and about the same in length of inhabitable land.

My friends, the colored people need none of your political instructions in the form of a harmless lamb, but in the garb of a wolf. You may take the school house from these poor people if that is your best offer.

When they were incorporated in the town of Winter Park you appealed to a prejudice legislature and with one of the most treacherous and outrageous gerrymanders had them house shoed out. They will stay out and they want none of your attempts to coerce them. There is more property, by far, owned by the colored people in the present limits of Winter Park than they own in Hannibal Square and they will claim Winter Park as their home until it really is


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